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Harris Structural Steel Fabrication LLC


Harris Structural Steel Fabrication (HSSF), which is managed by The Davis Group of Companies, has been a bridge fabrication shop since 1910. Since The Davis Group of Companies has taken over the management of HSSF, HSSF has fabricated a portion of the Transportation Hub below grade steel at the World Trade Center, the Ernston Road Bridge in Sayreville, NJ; the Richmond Street Bridge in Plainfield, NJ and Route 219 Springville, NY.

In addition to our personnel, who have decades of experience, the shop offers state-of-the-art welding techniques and lifting capacities of over 100 tons. Our location, just a few miles from New York City, makes HSSF ideally suited to deliver large components to the New York metropolitan area and the entire tri-state region. HSSF also offers high-performance coatings and is D1.5 Fracture Critical certified. HSSF can fabricate any complex bridge or bridge component.